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Caravanserai of Anatolia

Men on horseback who conquers the known part of world and his trader fellows who builds trade routes from central asia till constantinople(today's istanbul) all these brave hearts found and served to Seljuk Empire. Military posts of the Seljuk Empire were constructed next to the caravasary bearing the traces of Turkish nomadic art icons and marks. Today we will visit some of these artifacts such as caravansarais on the way to Konya city. For centuries they served as free hotels for voyagers within the Empire borders, Sultans displayed their respect and reliability to the passangers.After having our tea and discovering the classical architecture of caracansaray, we will set off for Konya city centre where we will see madrasahs.In order to examine the advanced tile and mosaic art in Seljuk time, we take you to Karatay Madrasah, where Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi  lectured.Exhibition of the mosaics from all the palaces around the Seljuk Empire will astonish you with its richness and variety. Ceiling and dome which is designed in the shape of Turkish triangle and the tile adornments bearing the names of in three divine religion will show you the source of Rumi's hospitality.In the sequel of a carved stone and a tile ornated examples of perfection it is time to compare them so we are going to a mixture of them, Sircali Madrasah.It is one of the oldest schools of Konya which made it an attractive city to be a capital for Seljuk Empire.That was such a good school that Sultan would come to talk with students and the lecturers about international issues.Now we will talk in its garden about these fact which made Seljuk Empire a strong rival for Byzantine Empire.After getting lost in dusty pages of history we bring you back to present day and say goodbye.


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