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Souvenirs and Gifts to Buy from Turkey

Souvenirs, Artworks and Gifts to Buy from Turkey
1. Hand Woven Carpets
Worldwide, Turkish carpets are a phenomenon for everybody and represent centuries of artistic tradition woven into a beautiful work of art. Most importing thing is material and craftsmanship, please keep in mind that this good demands to be rewarded with a fair price. Try and find an authentic seller near Grand Bazaar and local traders who buy from villagers best quality carpets among their collections. Each piece is different from others because of the weavers' perspective has a different identity. Central Anatolia has many villages for rugs with different patterns.
2. Jewelry
Turkey's artisan-made gold and silver earrings, rings and bracelets are good buys - with bazaars, boutiques, museum gift shops and silversmiths offering a wide range of designs from modern to Ottoman-inspired. Some of these designs are inspired by views of Istanbul and the relics in it from different time periods.
3. Brass and Copper
Travelers will find an assortment of brass and copper decorative objects for the home in the bazaars of Turkey. Serving platters, pitchers, trays, pots and urns will add some exotic flair to your kitchen at home. The most famous bazaars selling and decorating copper is in Gaziantep and some worldwide artists produced their art there while looking at the harmony of different cultures in the heart of Anatolia.
4. Ceramic
Thanks to experiences which passed through within centuries among communities lived in Anatolia, the most beautiful examples of the ceramic and tile were produced and exhibited in different architectural statues representing the culture and power of the empire of their own era. Starting from Roman Empire and till the Republic period lots of civilizations and states made contribution to this art, Greek, Seljuk, Persian, Ottoman and lots of local tribes’ signs can be seen on today’s artworks. 


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