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Top 15 things to do in Turkey

* Visit the oldest temple of the Anatolia : GOBEKLI TEPE

*Pass across the LAKE VAN on a train carried on a boat

*Watch the sunrise all over the Mesopotamia from MOUNT NEMRUT

*Stay in different kinds of houses of MARDIN & URFA

*Discover the first village life in the narrow streets of CATALHOYUK

*Compare the ISHAK PASHA PALACE with the Ottoman Residential TOPKAPI PALACE

*Smell the soul of the Armenian-Turkish companionship in ANI RUINS

*Hike on MOUNT ARARAT which is the peak point of Turkey

*Get lost in BACKSTREETS OF ISTANBUL to experience a wild city life

*Stay in a CAVE HOTEL IN CPPADOCIA to feel as if you were sleeping under a mountain like Titans of Greece

*Imagine the advanced TROY & EPHESUS cities as complete and experience the wars

*Walk in the most epic destination of Mediterranean Zone : LYCIAN WAY

*GASTRONOMY TOUR is not only possible in Istanbul but also available in Gaziantep city which hosts all kinds of Middle Eastern and Anatolian tastes as well

*The widest variety for breakfast is available in the BLACK SEA BREAKFAST tables which offer a gorgeous mount scene to you

*After climbing the stairs of SUMELA MONASTERY watch the spectacular view of the valley


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