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Daily Konya Tour from lstanbul - 1/0

Daily Konya Tour

In the heart of the Turkey we hide a sacred tomb just beside an enormous cultural – religious heritage from 11th century.You are supposed to be our guests in this wonderful city,  as landlord we want to show you the most important zones of the capital of Seljuk Empire.We will start with the first village of the world, then we will come to present day successively following the Mevlana Lodge, Inceminare and Karatay Madrasahs. 

Overlooking the Konya Plain stands the significant and unique ancient city of Çatalhöyük, the largest and best-preserved Neolithic site found to date. During most of the world's people were nomadic hunter-gatherers, Çatalhöyük was a lively town of almost 10,000 settled people. Forming a large hill atop the Southern Anatolian Plateau, the site is like an enormous labyrinth of mud-brick houses, generally described as a ‘honeycomb city’, made up of 18 successive layers of building representing distinct stages of the city and reflecting different ages of its history, starting around 7,500 BC. Çatalhöyük features a great and peculiar streetless settlement of houses clustered together in a honeycomb-like maze  with most accessed by holes in the ceiling, which also served as the single source of ventilation into the house. The rooftops were effectively streets and may have formed plazas where many daily activities may have taken place. The homes had plaster interiors and each room served for cooking and daily activities.After visiting this magical sattlement we come to Konya  city  centre and have lunch in a local restaurant. You will have a great Konya cuisine experience among Okra Soup, Firin Kebabi, Etliekmek, Tandir Kebabi options.

The Mevlevi Order was founded by the fellows of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi (popularly known as Rumi) in 1273. Rumi was a 13th century Islamic spiritual leader who was born in 1207 in Balkh in present day Afghanistan. With the onset of the Mongol invasion of Central Asia between 1215 and 1220, Rumi’s family immigrated westwards, eventually settling down in Konya, Anatolia, in present day Turkey.

One of Rumi’s most productive friendships was with Shams-e Tabrizi, whom he met at the age of 37. Within other things, Shams had introduced Rumi to music, poetry and dance as a mystical way of connecting with the divine. It is these artistic expressions that are the characteristic features of the whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi Order, which was founded after Rumi’s death by his son, Sultan Veled, his disciple Çelebi Hüsamettin, and his grandson Ulu Arif Çelebi. Its time to visit the atmosphere in its origin to see all the important elements of Sufism to fully comprehend the time of Rumi.After diving spiritual issues so much we invite you to the artistic life of Seljukian era in Ince Minare and Karatay Museum.

The Seljuks developed a astounding program of decorative arts, forging their own distinctive style. Nevetheless, Seljuk decorative arts must be considered as both a result of, as well as a contribution to the universal decorative lexicon of the Middle Ages in the Near East and the Islamic world. The Seljuks of Anatolia continued the design traditions of their predecessors, the Great Seljuks in Persia(present day Iran). These small-scale objects, easily carried, were traded over great distances. This trade encouraged the spread of decorative fashions and styles.  It is certain that this trade and the resulting exchange of decorative trends was facilitated by the network of Seljuk hans, which, in essence, linked China to Konya.

That's enough for a day in this splendid city to have an idea about the Seljuk Empire and Islamic life during Middle Ages, we take you to Konya Airport and say goodbye.  


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The name of Mevlana who lived in Konya is known better than the name of the city itself.Primary reason for it is the hospitality of him which calls everybody t[...]


The name of Mevlana who lived in Konya is known better than the name of the city itself.Primary reason for it is the hospitality of him which calls everybody to come to peace ignoring relion and lifestyle differences.
Come, come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving,
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Even if you have broken your vows a thousand times
It doesn’t matter
Come, come yet again, come
A visit of dervish convent tells us the story of their phases of life.Most advanced Seljuk architecture shows itself in this complex.In order to see the mosaic, stone and wooden art of the era we visit Karatay Madrasah, Inceminare Museum and Alaaddin Hill which are the cornerstones of the city of Konya.Monolithic wooden nailless doors  will be you favourite art works.After the epic local taste of 'Etliekmek' in a restaurant you will never forget this two meter-long thin bread which has small meat pieces on it.
With it’s history of thousands of years in Anatolia as first known village of the World, Çatalhöyük waits you in Konya.From city center it takes almost half an hour by car, when we arrive there we understand the meaning of it’s name ‘çatal –twin , höyük-hill’. You will be astonished by their culture which requires burial of the dead body under the house where he spent his life.Another dazzling info is the formation of hills, citizens of village töre down the old mud houses and built new ones on them again and again.
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