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In ancient Greek mythology we come across with the story of Medusa (monster with snake hairs),once upon a time she was a calamity for the city.

One day a hero came out, Perseus (son of Poseidon-god of oceans-) killed the Medusa and cut her head.

All the city was graced with his statues and there were his icons everywhere.Because of these icons city named as lkonion.

With passing years these became Konya.Now it is time to see the most beautiful scene of the city.

Beysehir was founded just by the lake with same name, now it holds the best natural scene of Konya.

'Heaven should be under or over of here ' this is the famous quote of Alaaddin Keykubat the Seljuk Emperor.

Just on shore of the lake we see Kubat'abad Palace which was built as a mansion for Seljuk Emperors.

After having fresh water fish as lunch we drink Turkish tea in calming silence.

Ornate carved entrance of Esrefoglu Mosque will invite you inside, to see its painted flat wooden ceiling and monolit wooden pillars.

Cleverly designed snow pit to make hot summer days cooler and avoid building from moisture in cold, snowy winters of Anatolia.

Mehrab with turquoise and black tiles is an example of Seljukian architectural  perfection. It really worths to pray there for everybody.

In the footsteps of Mevlana who calls for peace all the people around the world without regarding the religion, race or political ideas of them.Human should be loved

because of the Craeator (God) not only for his ideas.That's the main lslamic idea of human love which is the reason of peaceful conditions during Sejuk & Ottoman Eras.

Now we will visit the two different regions and two different religion, we start our tour with the city centre which is founded around the Lodge of Sufi's Leader.

Mevlana Museum is the starting point of Sufism which aims a peaceful atmosphere all around the world.The gift of Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat (Seljuk Empire) to the father of

Mevlana is a home for Sufi Dervishes for more than 700 years.The prestigious green dome of it was built just after the meeting of Mevlana with God.Other parts of the Dergah

was built in different time periods during Seljuk, Ottoman and Turkey.

Without eating two meter 'etliekmek' which has minute meats on it you cant say 'I was in Konya'.After having a lunch in a local restaurant we set off to Sille.In these historical

Christian village we visit the Hagia Irene Church and we see the stone-cut houses.With its natural caves it resembles Cappadocia even if it's not as beautiful as the real Cappadocia

Valleys.You may have smoke waterpipe by the Sille Channel in the afternoon or have a dinner in a hundred years old loft. Then we transfer you to the largest airport of Turkey for return flight.


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